the journey to my inner now

I can choose peace rather than this…

One of the techniques, for want of a better word, in applying the power of now is to observe your thoughts.  To simply be aware of them, accept them and then carry on, without analysing or investigating what they mean.  The more aware you are that this will help calm you and bring you to peace, the easier it is in fact to be aware of your thoughts.  In fact throughout the day I have caught my thoughts mid-flow every time they have tried to go off on a tangent somewhere…

As a result my ego is panicking somewhat.  I am feeling the need to scream.  I also am aware of an underlying emotion based on concern or anxiety, which is of course my ego “acting out”.  To help me with this I have been repeating something I saw Dr Wayne Dyer suggest:  “I can choose peace rather than this.”


It makes me smile, it reminds me to breathe, deeply.  It keeps me in a state of awareness.

It also reminds me that I will not fix myself over night and that this too shall pass.

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Living with the power of now

This blog is simple.  It is charting my progress of living with the power of now, or my journey to my inner now, if you like.

As I read, for the second time, Ekhart Tolle’s powerful bible on living in the present and as I explore other tomes on the power of living in the now I want to actually apply the theories into practice and see how it actually impacts on my life.  Then I want to share this with you.

Different posts will expound on the why, some will share the how and many, no doubt will explain the what as well as the various outcomes.

I shall start with a 40 day experiment.  This is not an experiment because I disbelieve in the premise of the power of now, but because my ego is still holding on and is unsure whether it can manage to fully let go…

Let’s see shall we?


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